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Today’s post has nothing to do with saving time or money, or business tips, etc.  This is totally about relaxing and having fun.

Like so many today, I have found myself going in a dozen different directions at once.  If you’re a parent and have a job outside the home, or run your own business, it’s so easy to forget to take some time for yourself.  You know you should, you’ve heard it and read it, but if you’re like me, you know there are a bazillion things you need to be doing, and you feel guilty for indulging in something that’s just for you. The reality is if you make that bit of time for yourself you are better equipped mentally to do all those other things. We are all more productive when we’re not stressed.

A few reasons for taking up a hobby are:

  •  For relaxation – we all need to de-stress from time to time
  • It allows your mind to wander – When you’re relaxed, your mind tends to wander. This is when some of the best ideas are born.
  • Time for yourself
  • Networking – You never know who you’ll meet that enjoys the same hobby

Start by thinking about things you like. Do you like doing things with your hands? If so maybe crocheting, making jewelry, wood working. Do you like to ‘doodle’ on paper? Maybe take some art classes and take a shot at painting or sketching. You may be surprised to find you have a hidden talent. Want a hobby where you can totally escape, how about reenactments?

My hobby is photography. I have always loved taking pictures, especially scenery and old buildings. When I’m supper stressed I will get in the truck with the camera and hit the back roads. This is also something my husband and I enjoy doing together, he drives, I yell STOP when I see something I want to snap.

Here are a couple of my favorites :


How can your mind not wander and reflect on simpler times when you see something like this?

1946 Ford Tudor Sedan-tagged


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