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How I Like My Peas……And My Pees


I just had to share this blog. I laughed so hard my sides hurt.

Texana's Kitchen

Growing up as the oldest daughter in a family of sisters, I was not prepared for some of the surprises that come with raising a brood full of boy children.  Like their preternatural fascination with gas—the kind produced by eating beans and broccoli. Or their early obsession with the length of their nether bits.

But of all the surprises with which they have gifted me, perhaps the most surprising has been the pee. Ironically, the only time I ever envied boys was when we were miles from a toilet and mother nature was calling. 

For example, while driving around on the ranch, and being 30 minutes from camp.  My male friends and family members would just step to the back of the truck and let her rip.  Not so for us girls….Less accessible anatomy means greater exposure—and therefore the need for greater privacy.  This means a hike through the brush…

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