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Cocotini – What you do with a left over snow cone


When my kids were growing up I felt like I lived at the activities complex.  Being a single Mom with 3 kids who played football, softball, baseball, cheerleading,  it was a challenge to be in all places at once.   I remember times that I stood between 2 ball fields making myself dizzy trying to watch 2 games at once.   Back then, I thought I couldn’t wait until I could actually live in my house and have time to cook real meals and just relax and not live on ball park fries and on a bench.

A couple of years ago I realized something …… I actually MISSED being out at the ball park.  I missed watching my kids teams, I missed the ball park fries, and I missed the end of game snow cones.

My grandkids are still a few years away from being old enough to play ball, but I do have great nieces/nephews that are t-ball age.  Yesterday evening we went out and watched my great nephew play the last game of his first year of t-ball.  It was so much fun (and I got some great shots of him).  We had our fix of ball park fries and as we were leaving I got my blue coconut snow cone.  It was a great afternoon.

The only thing, what they now call a snow cone is nothing like what I remember snow cones being.  It was not so crushed ice with the syrup, not the finely crushed, snow like ice I recall snow cones being.  What you end up with after a few minutes is a cup of light blue ice and all the flavoring at the bottom of the cup.  So what to do with it after you get back home?  Make a Cocotini and relax.

Blue Cocotini

Wet the rim of a martini glass with a little bit of coconut rum
Dip the glass in some sugar in the raw to coat the rim
Pour a shot glass worth of coconut rum into the melted blue coconut snow cone
Pour into the martini glass and sit back and enjoy


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