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Word of Mouth is Not Just From the Customer


For a small, locally owned business, no amount of advertising will generate the business that word of mouth will.  Building a good reputation is crucial to building a customer base and every wise business owner knows the importance of treating their customers with respect.  But what about your vendors?

Recently during a conversation with a local vendor they commented on how rudely another local business treats them.  The comment got me thinking. I have seen this same behavior many times in both large and small businesses.  They treat their vendors, delivery people and suppliers as though they are unimportant and an annoyance.  There are two things that these businesses are forgetting.  First – Very few businesses can survive without their vendors.   Second – These vendors shop and they talk.

A businesses reputation is not just built on satisfied customers.  How you treat your vendors and employees contribute greatly to that reputation.  Especially if you’re doing business in a small town.  Remember …… People talk, and everyone is either a potential customer, or knows someone that may be.



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